A suspension ball joint for races

For a U.S. customer, whose mission is to turn on-road quads into racing quads, we developed an undoubtedly peculiar suspension ball joint.
The customer was looking for a ball joint with rotational torque regulation with free play compensation, that would allow him to replace the ball pin in case of break during a race. Racing quads work on constantly hard conditions, much more than a common on-road quad.
Furthermore, the customer required both lightness and appealing aesthetics.
To satisfy these requests, we chose aluminum. Aluminum is actually a much more light material than steel, under the same mechanical characteristics, and can be anodized with different colors, giving interesting aesthetic results.
To get rotational torque regulation and easy disassemblyof the ball pin, we designed a ball joint with threaded cap with integrated greaser, that could be fixed with a ring.
Last, but not least, considering the loads and high work the ball joint had to face, during design phase we paid particular attention to the materials and heat treatments of the bearing, to the lubricant grease and to the sealings.
FRAP has been well-known for long time as an international leader in customization of racing quads, and this product is a perfect example.