Car components

FRAP designs and produces steering and suspension components for automotive applications. Our customers are well-known producers of luxury super cars, off-road vehicles for extreme conditions, electric vehicles and microcars. For them, we design and produce suspension arms, tie rod ends, strut stabilizers, engine mounts and toe-links.

Sports cars

Alpine sports car

4x4 vehicles

Veicolo fuoristrada

Cars without license

Case history

Our customers' applications

Suspension arms

Design, prototyping and production of suspension arms for a new supercar


Suspension ball joint

Design, prototyping and production of a suspension ball joint for sports cars

Sports cars

Steering and suspension

Design and production of a suspension system with rigid axle and steering parts.

Off-road vehicles

For more information about our product lines and how we can help you satisfy your needs, check our technical catalogue of components, easily accessible online. You can also ask for customized components for specific applications and needs